Where to stay in Jersey

For a quick and easy getaway, a 'therapybreak' in Jersey is perfect. In only a couple of hours from lift-off in the UK you will have unpacked your case, breathed in the sea air and pinched yourself to check that you are not dreaming.

Jersey is one of the most beautiful islands in the world, located in the bay of St. Malo, south of the English Channel. Travelling the short distance can be seamless.

Measuring just 9 miles by 4, Jersey boasts stunning beaches, picturesque landscapes and historic fortifications. As the most southerly of the British Isles the climate is very pleasant supporting rich and diverse habitats for flora and fauna alike.

Psychotherapy consultations are held at the Lido Medical Centre in St. Helier. However, during a Therapybreak stay the location for psychotherapy and other activities is variable. A 'Therapybreak' offers a choice of three places to stay:

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L'Horizon Hotel and Spa
The L'Horizon Hotel and Spa is one of the most popular hotels in Jersey thanks to its unique position on the beachfront of St. Brelades Bay. With its soft golden sand, crystal clear waters and clean fresh air this bay has an almost Mediterranean feel. The Hotel is luxurious and relaxing making it the ideal location to be pampered.

Discovery Bay Apartments
The Discovery Bay Apartments are in the middle of another stunning bay at St. Ouens. This is the largest bay in Jersey located on the west coast of the island. Here there is a wild and untamed vibe with breathtaking views from dawn until dusk. The beach stretches for miles and faces the Atlantic Ocean. It attracts sports enthusiasts of all kinds. The Discovery Bay Apartments are refreshingly contemporary self-contained suites, perfect for relaxing in style and doing your own thing. You walk out directly onto the beach and have the option of dining at 'Big Verns', a popular eating venue affiliated to the apartments.

Jersey Camper Hire
If you fancy something completely different, staying in a restored classic VW Camper is trendy and fun. Jersey Camper Hire offers a range of different campervans to suit each individual. Whether it's discovering a peaceful secluded bay or simply having the freedom to drive around the island taking in all the scenic views, campervans offer the joy of discovery from the comfort of your own home.

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