Welcome to 'Therapybreaks' your opportunity to have the break that you need.

A retreat with a difference, 'Therapybreaks' offer psychotherapy and pleasure to all, whether you are struggling with depression, stress or relationship problems, or simply wanting time for yourself.

Can you remember the last time you were listened to? Or able to express what's going on for you?

Perhaps you need 'time out' on a regular basis, or simply a one-off episode of focussed psychotherapy to help you gain the clarity and peace of mind you long for.

Living on or off this beautiful island, you are only a short distance away from escaping the stresses and strains of everyday life to experience the things that you dream of doing.

Whether it is listening to waves, feeling sand between your toes or having a good cry, a therapy break is for you.

In a few clicks, you will discover just how easy it is.

We are delighted that you have discovered 'Therapybreaks' . Now you can delight in rediscovering yourself.

"A journey of a million miles begins with just one step."

Ann Marie Clarke

Welcome to the first step to rediscovering yourself

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