Psychotherapy is a professional and confidential 'talking therapy'

It is helpful in many situations such as:

Gestalt cycle - stress
- depression
- anxiety
- relationship problems
- bereavement and loss
- life changes
- redundancy
- work related problems
- pregnancy
- parenting
- sexuality
- illness
- eating disorders
- experience of abuse
- alcohol and drug problems

And you do not need to be suffering in order to benefit from a Therapybreak. Through your relationship with a psychotherapist you will have the opportunity to discuss and explore subjects that are important and meaningful to you.

Ann Marie Clarke

"Life's challenges are not supposed to paralyse you,
they're supposed to help you discover who you are"
(Bernice Johnson Reagon)

The psychotherapist uses their expertise to help you understand more about yourself and your reactions to the challenges you face. As you become more aware of your beliefs and values you may recognise repeated patterns of behaviour, some of which may no longer be helpful.

Therapybreaks support you in discovering new fulfilling ways of being and becoming more effective in life. A Therapybreak stay combines a condensed programme of psychotherapy with activities or experiences of your choice, over a few successive days.

If you reside on Jersey, you may find it helpful to engage in regular psychotherapeutic support on a weekly basis. A minimum of six individual psychotherapy sessions are available at the Lido Medical Centre. Ann Marie is available to discuss the different options with you free of charge.

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