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I attended psychotherapy for two years because I wanted to stop trying to have relationships with dysfunctional men. I spent the first year having therapy every week or 2 weeks and had therapy on and off in the second year. My reason for being in therapy changed a little over time as I found at times I became more focused on myself and not as much on men, although, I was still focussed on meeting someone healthy.

Now for the first time in twenty years I feel alive, happy, healthy, functional, successful and like I can do anything I want to! I have discovered what living is all about. Since seeing Ann Marie, all of my wildest dreams that I only imagined as a child, have been fulfilled. I have competed in extreme sports, I'm in a healthy, wonderful relationship and got a promotion. I'm fit and healthy and truly happy.

Ann Marie you are the best! Thank you for helping me change my life. I'll always keep in touch and updated to what is happening in my now fantastic life! Thank you again (I'll never be able to thank you enough though!)

I began psychotherapy with Ann Marie 4 years ago because I had been feeling anxious and stressed. But my reason for being in therapy changed over time as I realised that I needed to get out of my marriage and have subsequently had a number of other challenges to face.

Ann Marie has been a significant figure in my life and I think she came along at exactly the right time. I was willing to be honest and look at myself and she has been a non-judgemental and balanced person to do that with. Whilst she has never told me what to do, I welcomed and appreciated some honest feedback from her that has helped me to find my own answers. She has been consistent and supportive through a real period of transition in my life.

I have spent around 20 hours attending psychotherapy because I have been dealing with depression, social phobia and agoraphobia.

Ann Marie listens to my problems and tries to find solutions, such as breathing techniques and visualization techniques, as well as different strategies to cope with my problems. I think Ann Marie is very good and I find the time I spend with her very helpful.

“Goodmorning Ann Marie

I saw you a year ago and was clearing out a draw over the weekend and came across your business card and thought I would give you an update. Since last seeing you in July last year, I have found myself a new job. I left *** end of September and now work for a small *** as ***, there are five of us in the company so it is like a family and you are certainly looked after and thought highly of. ***** My family life has sorted itself out and I now think of things in a total different light. I no longer have stress in my life and am a lot happier.

Talking with you made me see a lot of things differently and how I approached things in my life and have changed my ways, which has made other people see me in a different light, so many many thanks for your guidance. No only have you helped me but my friends and family have also benefited.

Kind regards
**** “

“ Anne Marie,

Thank you for sharing the journey. I would not have wished to have travelled so far with anyone else – you supported me in finding my voice and setting myself free from the chains of my past. Like the butterfly, I have found my wings and have taken flight.
Gods Blessings on you,

With respect,”
**** XXX

“Hi. My name is ****** ** ***** and I was going through a bad phase in my life. I went to see my GP and he recommend to see Ann Marie... I was depressed, had no self-esteem or confidence. I felt that my life was over. When I met Ann, little by little my life changed for the better. She helped to see what I was worth and that life was only beginning... and she was right. I got stronger every time I saw her and my life changed. Today I'm a happy woman and confident as well..

All I can say is thank you Ann Marie for Everything..."

Ann Marie,

I have been suffering from, what I would call, severe depression for the last 5 years, to the point of wanting to stay at home, in bed, meeting no one, speaking to no one. Before that, all I can remember is feeling stressed most of the time, even during my weekend and my holidays, never being able to enjoy the present moment, or joy, since I was 15. I have been trying to seek advice and help from professionals over the recent years, but I felt I could not open up entirely and in fact I ended the therapies I was having since I saw them more as a chore and did not feel I was getting anything out of it. I was trying to convince myself that I would get better, somehow, on my own, and that my life would turn better, but I knew deep down I was struggling a lot, every day: at work, with friends, with family, with my husband.

This year, after what should have been a fantastic holiday in Egypt, I still felt extremely depressed. When I returned, I started to feel aggressive inside, and was considering ending this life of mine since all I was experiencing felt like a chore I could no longer cope with. I am 35 and I admitted to myself that I seriously needed help and could not sort this out on my own. At the same time, although I felt utter despair, I was hoping that life could be better, even for me.

My GP recommended that I see Ann Marie Clarke. I promised myself I would not give up this time, and this decision was made easier when I felt I could really open up to Ann Marie, whom I saw more as a loving friend than as a therapist after the second session.

I am enjoying my sessions fully and I feel love and energy from Ann Marie which gives me amazing strength. In a matter of 2 months, after seeing Ann Marie every week, I feel alive, I feel happy, I feel my life has turned for the better, I have made new friends, I have reconciled with members of my family I had not spoken to in years, I truly love people. I manage to compliment them for who they are, or what they wear, I organise fun activities for the weekend, I talk honestly to people, I no longer dread work on Sunday evenings! I live!! My family and my husband have noticed a terrific change in me. I am a real example of hope for anyone who is in complete despair with their life.

I continue seeing Ann Marie since I keep discovering ghosts in my past that have put so much inhibition on my ability to live fully and properly. But I now know I can fight them off!

Thank you Ann Marie and I look forward to seeing you next week.

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